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  • Kyle Huntington

Kitchen Trends 2024

The new year is upon us so we are going to looking at some of the kitchen trends dominating the UK for 2024, from on trend kitchen cabinet colours to custom hoods, flooring and more!

So, what are the latest trends for kitchens?

Gone are the days of obtrusive kitchen hoods that stick to a design format and now we are seeing a big trend of innovative hoods that are much more customisable on a budget. Whether you want a hood that fits with your kitchen unit themes, a flush ceiling extractor that integrates custom lighting or built-in extractors that exist with the likes of Neff and Siemens hobs. Make your kitchen hood be a part of your full design rather than something that sticks out as an anomaly.

Including organic materials, woods, exposed beams and having your kitchen cabinets be a dominant mix of dark and light woods has been an increasing trend in the past few years but is only becoming more and more popular. Whether contrasting modern kitchen worktops and tiles with wooden cabinets or having a stand out wooden worktop/kitchen island - it's a great way to add a natural warmth and atmosphere to the room.

Our award winning kitchen designs (more of which you can read about here) are known for integrating custom kitchen islands within them. There's no need to be restricted by the size, shape and dimensions of the room, rather you can have that communal centre-piece fit into the design that you want for your home.

It can be easy to forget when designing the perfect kitchen that flooring is such a vital part of the whole project. Focus is often put on worktops, appliances and units but adding a statement floor can really be the extra touch that elevates the room to a whole other level. From wooden herringbone trends taking over to polished concrete, there are so many ways to add that extra beauty to the room and bring everything together.

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