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Design for a changing world.

Design is about making life that little bit better — turning chores into beautiful experiences, ingredients into cuisine, and the routines of daily life into rituals that deliver pleasure. To achieve that we design appliances around people, helping you to be inspired by a world of possibilities.

Product Features

Tasteful and considered design is a blend of form and function, where aesthetic and performance come together without compromise. Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances allow absolute freedom of design expression, with styles and colours that become a bold centrepiece or take on the materiality of the kitchen. Choose the style that brings your unique design vision to life.



Perfect results in the kitchen seldom come from one type of heat. Just as the best cuisine is a combination of complementary ingredients, the best kitchens bring together the right appliances to give a chef absolute control. Combine luxury cooking appliances to create a complete kitchen suite, giving true mastery of temperature.


Bring your design vision to life with distinctive ovens that allow freedom of expression with exceptional performance and cooking precision. Choose from styles with signature design elements that make a bold statement, or a suite of tastefully understated appliances that match perfectly for a clean, minimalist aesthetic.


The perfect cooktop accentuates the kitchen’s design aesthetic, while delivering the performance and heating methods to match your cooking style. Choose from technologies that allow you to truly express yourself through your cooking – be it with the precision and speed of induction, the art of cooking with gas, or a combination of both.


Range Cookers

The range cooker is a unique appliance, combining hob and oven cooking in one to create a powerful visual statement. Choose the style that best reflects the aesthetic vision of your kitchen, and enjoy the theatre of cooking with a gas hob paired with the versatility of a convection oven.


Remove appliances from the countertop by building them into cabinetry for a cleaner, more considered kitchen. Pair Fisher & Paykel steam and convection ovens with complementary companion appliances to create a kitchen suite for every need. Endlessly configurable, align companions vertically or horizontally, as a gridded block, or distribute them for absolute convenience.


Love your laundry with appliances that are designed to reflect how you live and that care for the garments you treasure. Each fabric has unique properties and requirements for optimal care. Combine laundry appliances designed to pair perfectly both in form and function, to get the best results from delicates to durables and everything in between.



Ventilation doesn’t just keep the air clean. It protects the kitchen from oils, ensuring your cabinetry and furniture stays in pristine condition. It accentuates appliances, with carefully considered lighting designed to make the cooking experience a beautiful one. It is crafted to pair perfectly with the hob and the kitchen.


Create a refrigeration combination that exudes luxury and gives complete precision and control over the way you store food. From fresh ingredients to fine wines, the best refrigeration provides the perfect climate to keep food fresher, longer.


Bring your kitchen vision to life with dishwashers that are exceptionally quiet and can be placed to suit your particular patterns of use for complete design freedom.

Select from styles that perfectly complement your kitchen appliances, or the ultimate in personalisation with Integrated dishwashers that blend seamlessly into the kitchen cabinetry.

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