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Measuring Your Room’s Wall Elevation

Please make a note of the position and dimensions of the boiler, water pipes, stop cock, waste pipe and gas pipes where applicable.

Room Height & Width

Measure floor to ceiling height and all wall lengths.



Measure individual dimensions from:
• floor to window sill,
• sill to top of window and
• top of window to ceiling
Check that these measurements add up and equal the total room height. Also measure window widths and distances from left and right sides of the wall.



Measure as windows.

How To Measure Your Room Guide

Measuring Your Room’s Floor Plan

Measure all walls to get the overall dimension.

Measure each smaller section of each wall and check that they tally up correctly (e.g. above 1650 + 1200 + 1650 = 4500mm.

Measure the floor to ceiling height.

Measure the space beneath the windows, the height of each window and the space from the top of each window to the ceiling. Check that those 3 dimensions add up to the overall ceiling height.

Measure the positions of all the obstacles such as boilers, stop cock, water pipes, gas pipes etc.

Make a note of the position of and dimensions of any boxing that may be concealing pipes or electrical cables.

How To Measure Your Room Guide
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