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With the ever-increasing demands of modern living, kitchens must be versatile, hard-working, resilient, a pleasure to use – and, of course, with outstanding good looks. Units engineered by Hacker, kitchens designed by us – together we’ve created an award-winning formula. Pared-down, precision built, innovative solutions and intelligent designs are the hallmarks of our contemporary kitchens, while the warm heart of our modern country kitchens are exemplified by those touches hinting at a bygone era – utensil boxes, wall units with plate racks, shelving for storage baskets – but with a modern twist.  With tactile lacquers, warm woods, muscular granites and so much more, there’s a seemingly infinite choice of styles, finishes, hues to create that truly bespoke kitchen to meet your needs and satisfy your imagination long into the future.


Thousands of colour options and huge choice of finishes. Bespoke dimensions – even on drawer units – and wide variation in prices available. Stunning design features like range-specific pilasters, curves and accent-coloured niche units. The Classic is our most reasonably priced range, while Systemat has all the features you would expect of top quality kitchens yet still remaining reasonably priced.


Find out how we can help you, by calling us on 01895 230 600.

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