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  • Kyle Huntington

Autumn 2023 Kitchen Trends

As summer comes to a close and autumn starts to welcome its way in, we take a look at some kitchen trends for 2023 that match the seasonal shift. As the nights get longer and we search for the cosy comfort within our homes, what are the best ways to convey this within the kitchen and which can transition long term to be a mainstay of the room? We take a look at a few ideas below that we think should be considered the ultimate trends for a new kitchen.

Combining the natural beauty of wood within your kitchen is the ultimate way to bring the outside comfort into your home and a technique that looks inviting and timeless, no matter the time of year. Whether using wood as the main material in the kitchen, adorning worktops, units and the floor or just adding a little flourish by combining it with more modern materials to have a beautiful contrast/compliment element to the design - it's a beautiful design approach that is fitting for any style.

Gone are the days where a standard tap and sink combination of stainless steel and porcelain are the mainstay, now there is such an evolution of materials and colours available that you can really make a statement with your tap and sink combo as well as your statement walls and kitchen islands. From beautiful brass to bold blacks or gracious greys, there's a whole array to really make the entire set up stand out.

The colours associated with water and earth are a beautiful new trend particularly with kitchen units to add a pop of comfortable serenity to the social, engine room of the home. Blues and Greens create a calming and inviting aesthetic that is all at once interesting and calming - befitting any mood or setting that you wish to convey and host within your home.

For more kitchen ideas, trends and inspiration - make sure to check our our Projects page to see all of our designs and talk to us about how we can help you make your dream kitchen.


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