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This contemporary living room and bar makeover makes for a comfortable and welcoming area in which to entertain family and friends. The Black Steel tall units at either end of the room create focal points with ample storage as well as media and display housing – uncluttered, stylish and supremely functional.


The bar, with its Unistone Quartz worktop in luscious Carrara Misterio Velluto, incorporates a handy Caple Wine Cooler – always at the ready for that essential revitalising glass of wine after a long day in the home office!

The Antique Silver Mirror splashback in the bar suggests a bygone era, echoed by the traditional and ornate coving and chandelier. So, while the bar and storage units are sleek and contemporary, there’s still a hint of romance and tradition in the design. Downton’s Mrs. Patmore wouldn’t feel out of place – and she’d love the mod cons!

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