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Autumn Kitchen Trends

As autumn settles in and we start to approach the end of 2022, you may be looking to refurbish, renovate and re-do the hub of your home. Considering this, we’ve compiled a few timeless trends that are looking to dominate this autumn and beyond. From combined spaces, hygge inspiration, natural displays and more. Check out some of these ideas below and see if anything sparks inspiration for your home!

Kitchen spaces are evolving beyond the original hub of the home, even further than open plan as well, and into rooms that people want to spend extended periods of time within. Whether combining with the dining and living areas, creating reading nooks or even integrating home offices into them. A kitchen is becoming more than a room that prepares for a hosted event and instead becomes fully incorporated as a part of the socialising. Think about making the kitchen space a social space within your home.

Incorporating materials that are natural looking, as though they’ve been foraged from the outdoors, into your kitchen as decorations is becoming a beautiful way to create a seamless connection between the outside world and the interior to a home. Driftwood and pine cones adorning shelves as statement pieces, bamboo or more domestic branches in place of houseplants to remove any time consuming maintenance and combine this with soft cushions and rugs to create a wonderful design juxtaposition.

As the weather changes, the cooler evenings set in and the rain falls more frequently we all like to nest within our own homes and embracing “hygge” lifestyle: manifesting warmth and coziness with our surroundings, is a perfect way to do this. Creating an environment where stresses can be thrown aside and relaxation becomes the main objective are becoming more and more important within our homes. This can be achieved in the kitchen by introducing nooks and areas for seating away from the main dining or kitchen island areas, filling them with candles, warm lighting and books that aren’t just for recipes. Allow the two types of living to exist within the one space and make sure comfort flows through every room of your home.

If you’re growing tired of your current flooring whether it’s lino, wood that’s not cared for or you just want a change of pattern then look no further than updating to a statement floor design. Herringbone, chevron or weaves – there’s plenty of avenues to explore for something more striking and eye-catching if you want to update what you currently have in place and this season is the time to pay attention to a surface that may be otherwise second-thought to worktops and units.


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