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  • Kyle Huntington

Decorate Your Kitchen For Christmas

With arguably the biggest day of the year in the kitchen approaching fast, we wanted to give you some tips and tricks for how to decorate the room to make it not just the engine of the house, but also a wonderfully festive, joyful room to be a part of. Focus can tend to be on other areas of the house with decorations, but there's no reason why the kitchen can't also be included with beautiful additions to add that Christmas spirit!

Christmas Wreaths

Adding a Christmas wreath to adorn a shelving area, window or cabinet doors can be a very simple yet effective way to make the room an inviting and festive kitchen! Experiment with placements and make this Christmas staple a part of the hub of the home.

Foliage Garlands

Adding a foliage garland to shelving, windows or even as a decorative table piece is the perfect way to bring the outdoors Christmas feel into your home. Try using them as alternatives to table runners as shown in the picture above to make the dining experience a truly full and festive one.

Christmas Candles

As an extra addition to your table decorations, set the scene with some wonderful warm Christmas candles. Choose beautiful warming colours such as oranges, reds and warm whites to fully set the cosy atmosphere at the dining table. Even better, once you're finished eating, light them all again to make putting your feet up an even better experience after a busy day in the kitchen! Combining them with garlands and wreaths will be the perfect addition for the ultimate winter warming vibe in your home.

Festive Chair Decorations

Wanting a decoration that doesn't take up too much real estate on the dining table? How about decorating your chairs with wreaths, ribbons or baubles. A simple, elegant and sophisticated addition to the Christmas Day proceedings that are truly effective.

Christmas Spice Bowl

Making your own potpourri by baking or drying fruits and spices and packaging in small net bags can be a truly stunning way to add a constant festive scent to your home! Alternatively, you could also add citrus fruits, spices and red wine to a slow cooker to have a constant source of delicious aromas throughout the day and a nice supply of glühwein to have a relaxing moment to yourself too!


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